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From Online Consumer Engagement to Smartphone Marketing

 - Nov 9, 2012
New technology, new brands and new networks have ushered in a variety of transformations of the mobile phone and what it is capable of doing. The mobile phone -- including the smartphone or cell phone -- is no longer a device used exclusively for phone conversations and sending brief text messages. Thanks to brands like Apple, Google and BlackBerry, the mobile phone is now a playground for social media users, consumers and creative types. From email to Facebook and buying movie tickets, the mobile phone today can now be used to accomplish as array of business and personal-related matters.

The speakers featured here highlight a variety of the key transformations of the mobile phone in not only business industries, but also in political and medical realms. Daniel Kraft is already witnessing a world that leverages mobile and smartphone technology to enable someone to live a healthier lifestyle through the use of mobile chips that can test urine samples for STDs. BlackBerry's new CEO Thorsten Heins believes in the power of the smartphone to equip someone with the necessary skills to succeed and take careers to the next level.

These speeches recognize the transformations of the mobile phone, which has gone from serving single-task purposes to creating an engaging and interactive experience.