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From Increasing Human Life Span to the Importance of Rest

 - Sep 11, 2013
While thrives on providing its readers innovative speeches and keynotes on business topics, it also enjoys branching out to offer readers tips for a better quality of life from both a personal and professional standpoint. These curated speeches highlight research and studies in sleep, health, happiness and stress management to help readers make the most of their busy days. features a variety of sleep experts and professionals. The recently published keynote by Russell Foster explores reasons why a good night's sleep is so crucial. He dives into the expected reasons and reveals that the average human will sleep for a total of 32 hours.

Chef and restaurateur Barbara Lynch believes that going back to the basics in cooking and doing it as a group activity can benefit people in a number of ways. Not only does cooking equip people life skills, but it is more cost-effective and healthy.

The speech by Jane Fonda is particularly interesting as she encourage viewers to embrace aging and to see it as another opportunity for growth. She believes the human spirit is in constant evolution and it is important for people to remember this, regardless of age.

These speeches each offer unique sets of tips for a better quality of life that can ultimately benefit one's personal and professional life.