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From Social Media Shrines to an Uncensored Internet

 - May 9, 2013
This collection of speeches explores the threats of online profiles and discusses the impacts this type of permanency can have on one's life. Beyond the obvious points of having incriminating or embarrassing photographs circulating the world wide Web, this immunity to expiration can mean many things.

Adam Ostrow, the editor-in-chief for Mashable, introduces a highly fascinating concept that includes having one's social media profile continue on after death and to serve as a medium with which people can interact. He notes that a vast history of information -- posts, Tweets, videos, Instagram photos -- is collected each and every day. He suggests that this information could be used to create an online persona after someone has passed away.

Ricky Van Veen warns that the type of content one shares establishes -- whether an individual likes it or not -- an online persona. He explains how these personas are very hard to undo once content has been consistently posted.

These speeches offer insight into the implications of today's growing technology and social media use.