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From Unbridled Creativity to Letting Minds Wander

 - Sep 21, 2012
The speakers featured in this collection of keynotes encourage audiences to think outside the box. Be it in a corporate culture, an entrepreneurial environment or an artistic endeavor, these speakers urge audiences to dismiss the rigid rules of innovation and ideation. This speakers support making mistakes and pursuing unconventional or unpopular ideas.

While some hesitate to "think outside the box," for fear of being judged or perceived as too risky or even illogical, individuals such as Jared Cohen and Starlee Kline believe that while not all ideas are perfect or complementary to the interests of a specific group, it does not mean that they are wrong or not worth pursuing. In fact, feelings of uncertainty, fear or misperception are ideal states for pursing ideas. Making mistakes and thinking in an alternative or nonconformist manner is more likely to result in those breakthrough ideas and solutions.

Discovering the unknown and letting minds wander is important because these acts can lead to new discoveries, which convention and tradition often hinder.