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From Suspicious School Spending

 - May 1, 2013
These curated speeches discuss the state of America in terms of the economy, domestic and international politics, the environment, health care, globalization and society. Hearing from iconic leaders such as President Barack Obama, economist Jeff Rubin and American activist Abe Foxman, these speeches focus on why America is losing some of its power and what it has to do in order to get back to the days of the 'American Dream.'

Television host David Brancaccio and CEO of Public Radio Alisa Miller present different perspectives on Americans' consumption of the news. While Brancaccio suggests that Americans are becoming more skeptical of the media and the news it shares, Miller presents statistics that show a society that barely consumes any news at all, and when it does, that news is mostly domestic.

Jeff Rubin warns that unless American leaders commit themselves to actual discussions about the current state of the environment and depleted sources, the world is going to become much smaller, with little opportunity to be controlled by anyone.