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From World Cup Economics to City Self Comparisons

 - Jun 19, 2014
As this collection of keynotes shows, the modern city in today's world is not necessarily characterized by gleaming, sky-high buildings and massive infrastructures. Many cities in today's modern world are still evolving as well as experiencing political turmoil and economic recessions.

These keynotes focus on the ways these developing cities are emerging. The keynote by Daniel Altman is of particular interest because it examines the ways an event like the World Cup can impact the well-being of a city. Altman believes that a city can benefit hugely when a hosting city wins, but that it can also receive significant criticism from its residents should the home team lose, arguing that the expenses weren't even worth it.

Perparim Rama suggests that the city is a reflection of its residents' consciousness. Cities need to offer its people functional systems and structures that foster happiness and cooperation.

Building structures that work with the environment are the focus of Alex Steffen's talk. According to him, the modern city works alongside nature to be more efficient and sustainable.

These talks portray an alternative perspective of what many assume to characterize the modern city.