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These Speeches on Branding Offer People Insight and Tips

 - Aug 7, 2013
This collection of speeches on the importance of branding provides readers will helpful tips of how to brand and re-brand successfully. The speakers featured in these informative keynotes stress the importance of innovative branding strategies, and explore online branding.

Tory Burch discusses the importance of online branding in her social media speech. She has created a fashion empire, and claims that online retailing and customer feedback have played a big role in her company's success.

Howard Bragman focuses more on personal brand in his keynote. He claims that personal branding is important for everyone from celebrities and CEO's to teachers. Bragman says that the best way to manage one's personal brand is just to live a respectable life.

Laurie Tucker states that it's important for a company's brand to remain in the heads of both the customers and the company employees. Tucker says that innovation is still possible in companies that hold onto their brands.

These insightful branding speeches highlight the importance of branding, professionally and personally.