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From Maintaining Your Brain to Elements Behind Genius

 - Jul 17, 2014
The human brain offers limitless opportunities for studying and exploring and this collection of keynotes features doctors, psychologists, artists and designers discussing its curiosities and complexities.

The talk by Michio Kaku divulges that geniuses may exist because of the shape of their brains. He explains that Albert Einstein, possibly one of history's most intelligent individuals, had a brain that shows a thicker-than-average connection between his prefrontal cortex and parietal lobe in brain scanning images. It is impossible to confirm whether or not the shape creates a genius, but it is a fascinating concept nonetheless.

The Joshua Foer discusses the brain's memory and its ability to memorize massive amounts of information. For those looking to sharpen their memory -- either for a speech or a test -- he encourages them to add context to the points required for memorization.

The Dr. Helen Fisher talk examines the effects of love on the brain. She reveals that love can be closely compared to an intense drug addiction to a substance such as cocaine.

These talks on the human brain showcase the sheer volume of its complexities and unanswered questions.