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From Social Media and Gender to Social Media Shrines

 - Feb 14, 2014
The evolution of social media is certainly an exciting one to document as it seems there are new changes happening to social networks and social platforms on a daily basis. It is incredible to think back to the time when the Internet first emerged and then to compare it to the concept of raising money for charities or campaigns using a # and search term.

These speeches evaluate many of these exciting and influential transformations.

One of the most obvious transformation to discuss is that of customer service alongside social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and personal blogging created an entirely new, essentially rule-free environment in which consumers could post honest reviews of products and interact with brand representatives one on one. This has given the consumer increased control and made brands more accountable. The speeches by Mike Germano, Bruce Philp and Brian Carter discuss in their speeches.

Another huge evolution can be seen in the devices people are using to access their social media accounts and networks. Smartphones and tablets have emerged as the most commonly used devices. Desktops appear to be a thing of the past -- except in offices or work environments -- as smartphones and tablets are capable of accomplishing everything they can and more.

The speech by Mashable's Pete Cashmore explores the ways social media has evolved to become a vehicle for democracy and the spread of social causes.

The evolution of social media is an exciting journey to follow and is certainly characterized by infinite possibility.