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From Behavioral-Based Design to Design as Identity

 - Jun 12, 2014
This collection of keynotes examines the design process across a variety of industries. Examining the inspiration, motivation and unfolding of product design, these speakers offer insight into how some of the greatest innovators land on their best ideas.

The speech by Guy Kawasaki, the former Apple evangelist and entrepreneur, introduces his acronym 'DICE' to discuss the qualities of innovative design. A product must be deep in that in offers a wide range of appealing features; it must be intelligent and meet needs consumers didn't even know they had; it must be complete and intuitive; lastly it must be elegant and appeal to consumers' visual tastes.

Next, the talk by Robert Full explores the ways nature is an integral part of design and engineering. He focuses on the ways the design process will soon rely exclusively on nature's principles.

The most notable talk comes from journalist Dan Lyons who discusses the reasons for Apple's massive success. According to Lyons, Jobs creates such a stellar line-up of products because he focuses on introducing a small number of exceptional products to the market. He believes in admitting defeat quickly and moving onto the next product.

The design process is different for everyone, but these speeches offer fascinating insight into some of the world's most successful businesses.