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From New Age Interfaces to Tips for Helpless Tech Users

 - Apr 30, 2013
These curated keynotes offer a variety of technology tips, shortcuts and easy solutions for those who interact with tech on a daily basis as well as for those looking to increase their confidence and skill level with different gadgets and devices.

The most informative speech from this collection comes from tech columnist David Pogue who shares his top ten time-saving tech tips. In just over five minutes, he breaks down almost a dozen shortcuts that save him time on a daily basis. Many users who consider themselves tech-savvy will likely be familiar with these tips, but for those are new to the world of iPhone, tablets and touchscreen, these tips are extremely helpful.

Also featured here is Baratunde Thurston who shares his top tips for effectively utilizing hash tags on Twitter. He suggests keeping a brand's messages short, provocative and positive is the best way to get one's message across.

While these speeches on technology tips may be more appropriate and useful for those who are just starting to use technology on a daily basis, they do offer a lot of helpful content and shortcuts.