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These Technology Presentations Highlight Top Innovations

 - Jul 5, 2013
These technology presentations highlight just how far technological innovations have come since the introduction of the world's first ever personal computer and cell phone. Many people reading this will remember how advanced the world's fist mobile phone and floppy disc were -- or at least seemed; people predicted that the world be using flying cars by 2030. While cars still remain on the roads today, the technological innovations are truly outstanding. These speeches highlight some of the most notable.

No discussion about innovation and technology is possible without a mention of Steve Jobs, a man who completely revolutionized the way people use technology in their everyday lives. From the world's first iPod to the introduction of the iPhone and the iPad, Jobs and Apple forever transformed the meaning of personal computing and set an extremely high standard.

The technology innovation keynote by Peter Weijmarshausen discusses the rise of 3D printing and how it has ultimately transformed the role of the consumer. Consumers can now create their own products, removing their dependence on brands and retailers.

From smartphones to tablets and cloud computing, these technology presentations reflect how advanced everyday devices have become.