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These Technology Keynotes Discuss the Need for Unplugging

 - Jul 18, 2013
These technology keynotes focus on the negative impacts modern obsessions with gadgets, the Internet and social media can have on a person's life, well-being and relationships with others. Much of modern society has come to rely on technology, whether it be their smartphones, their tablets or their laptops; people today have a very difficult time disconnecting and unplugging. These curated speeches highlight some of the negative effects this behavior can have, as well as some strategies for disconnecting and experiencing quality moments with yourself and loved ones.

American filmmaker and digital innovator Tiffany Shlain believes that at the rate at which technology is relied on by people today, it could be entirely controlling in the future. Her speech offers strategies for using technology to enhance one's life -- both personally and professionally -- but to not control it.

Taylor Mali's speech shows how reliance on technology is making people less intelligent and more dependent on machines to complete tasks properly. He uses the example of "auto-correct" on different writing software programs to show how people have grown lazy when it comes to fixing their own mistakes.

Jason Womack believes that turning off your phone and powering down the Internet when you don't need it at work is an effective strategy for maximizing the work day and being productive.

There are many reasons to unplug devices and to disconnect from the Internet and these technology keynotes only scratch the surface.