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From Workshop-Based Education to Passion in Teaching

 - Sep 27, 2013
As this collection of speeches demonstrates, the range of teaching strategies, tactics and types around the world is very large. These talks dive into a variety of subjects and offer great tips for providing a comprehensive learning experience.

Speaker Matt Bai strongly believes that schools are not giving students a complete curriculum. He believes that programs are falling particularly short in the area of media literacy. He describes the media environment as one that is extremely confusing and students should be taught how to navigate it.

Sugata Mitra makes a suggestion in his speech that many find hard to agree with -- that teachers often interfere with the natural learning processes among children. He backs this statement up with the successful experiment he ran with an ATM, a computer screen and a group of Indian children in a slum. The children learned how to operate it and access the Internet on it all by themselves. Teachers often get in the way of children taking their own insights away from educational experiences.

While there is a very long list of teaching strategies by which different teachers swear, these speeches offer an in-depth look.