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These Speeches Suggest Different Subjects and Methods for Teaching

 - Aug 1, 2013
This collection of keynotes focuses on teaching methods, both critiquing current methods and suggesting alternatives. A good education can help entrepreneurs and young leaders achieve limitless success. Given the importance of education, it only makes sense to closely examine commonly used methods.

Bill Gates highlights the importance of giving appropriate feedback to educators. When teachers are reviewed, they are categorized as satisfactory or unsatisfactory, usually without additional feedback. It’s important to make sure that educators are teaching in an overall effective way.

Speaker Mitch Resnick believes that code should be taught to children, which makes sense considering that this is the technology age. Coding is a valuable and important skill. It’s interesting to think about teaching something so complex to kids at an early age.

Shimon Schocken promotes self-educating in his keynote. His colleague created an online course that became extremely popular. The subject was normally difficult to teach, but online students seemed to understand it right away. Schocken believes this is because self-teaching empowers the student and allows them to study and explore at their own pace.

These speeches not only examine various methods of teaching, they also look at which subjects should and should not be taught.