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From the Magic of User Experience to Collaborative Economies

 - Jan 29, 2016
These talks on the Internet of Things (IoT) explore the concept of a connected network of physical objects and devices that are embedded with a variety of technology in order to collect and share data. While IoT enables the smart home and offers consumers more convenience, it also raises some concerns about individual security and artificial intelligence.

In last year's CES technology keynote, Samsung CEO BK Yoon discusses the future of tech. He explains how IoT software is able to make consumer electronics more personalized, efficient and forward-thinking. In the realm of graphic design, Josh Clark talks on the Internet of Things and how it relates to user experience. He analyzes how recent advancements in technology paired with design can impact society in a variety of fields.

On a more macro level, Jeremy Rifkin gives an innovative keynote on collaborative economics that covers how the Internet changed the capitalist system.