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From Storytelling in the Digital Age to the Evolution of News Distribution

 - Mar 20, 2015
These talks on media look at the intersection between innovation and means of mass communication. Except for social media, these presentations talk about television, print and the Internet and how they are being used to deliver news, tell stories and portray culture.

In a 2014 commencement speech given by Katie Couric, the famous news anchor discusses reimagining media. She explains in times of uncertainty there is an abundance of opportunity. Christiane Amanpour's media-driven commencement speech is on the future of journalism. The CNN Chief International Correspondent emphasized the responsibility journalists have to the public sector. In another of the talks on media, Bill Roedy offers examples of the life-saving power of media. The former Chairman and Chief Executive of MTV shared examples of HIV-related programming.

Whether the presentations about the media look at content or the medium itself, the keynotes are clearly indicative of the Information Age we live in.