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From Empowering Executive Equality to the Anatomy of Inspiring Brands

 - Jul 10, 2015
These talks on leadership describe different ways people and processes can influence others with the objective of accomplishing something. This can be management in the workplace or leaders in any other sphere of life, and the focus can be on a theoretical model or practical tips for individuals.

Sylvia Ann Hewlett discusses honing an executive presence in her keynote on communication. Communication is definitely a broader theme mentioned repeatedly in these talks on leadership. Sylvia offers various tips on being a more effective presenter.

Simon Sinek explores sacrificial leadership qualities in his innovative presentation. The management theorist explains how leaders can make employees feel safe and instill a sense of trust and cooperation in teams.

The distributed power keynote by Jeremy Heimans is on crowdsourced politics. The speaker applies the concept of crowdfunding in the economy to government and eliminating corruption.