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From Reconfiguring Privacy Rights to Implementing Environmental Change

 - Dec 31, 2015
There is no shortage of opinions on what makes a good leader or how people in power should handle a particular problem, but these talks on governance narrow in on government and differing views on the rule of people.

Former President of the United States Bill Clinton discusses challenges in one of these talks on governance. He sees democratic values as the key to outstanding leadership and uses Haiti's recent struggles to implement a successful government as an example. Another world leader, UK Prime Minister David Cameron expands on a post-bureaucracy age and the revolution of information and politics. His speech is financially focused and explores the funding of public institutions and services in a world were deficits are the norm.

In a timely keynote, Benedetta Berti explains violent organizations such as ISIS and how to go about achieving peace where states are no longer the primary source of conflict.

These talks on governance provide insight as the American election draws closer and non-state actors like the Islamic State are taking front stage in a 24-hour news cycle.