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From World-Changing Businesses to the Harsh Truth About Startups

 - Jan 9, 2015
This collection of talks on entrepreneurship look at innovation and the new business ventures. Whether it's a social enterprise dedicated to a philanthropic cause or scaling a for-profit company, the entrepreneurial spirit has become highly valued in our current economic climate.

Founder and Chairman of the Virgin Group Richard Branson discusses the greatest opportunity in entrepreneurship in his entrepreneurial eco keynote. The billionaire explains how business empires can adopt environmentally friendly practices. Author Guy Kawasaki offers entrepreneurial guidance in his innovation lessons keynote. The former Apple fellow shares lessons he learned while working with Steve Jobs, including the importance of design. In another advice-giving innovative presentation, Jason Fried talks about the downside of ambition and suggests cutting your idea in half to be more realistic and ultimately successful.

The talks on entrepreneurship provide a plethora of advice for enterprising individuals as well as important concepts for startup companies to consider.