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These Talks on Aging Will Change the Way You Approach Life

 - May 28, 2013
Addressed in these talks on aging is the fear that many people possess with regards to growing old and dying. While a lot of that fear is in fact deeply rooted in a fear of not living life to the fullest or accomplishing one's goals and achieving one's dreams, many people refuse to acknowledge this.

Now that the average human in a developed country lives significantly longer than they used to, people are under the impression that critical phases of life -- such as starting one's career and raising children -- can start at a much later age. This is addressed very eloquently in a speech by Meg Jay. She insists that those who live their lives based on the notion that "30 is the new 20," are setting themselves up for great disappointment. She believes that an individual's life in his or her 20s is the most crucial period ever, as it lays the foundation for a satisfying and secure future.

Other speeches featured here discuss the reasons for which society should embrace growing older and view it as an opportunity as opposed to a restriction.