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From Privacy and Personal Data to Outsmarting the Food Industry

 - Jun 17, 2015
The Internet is disrupting across industries and topics -- something these talks on advertising confirm. Computers and data give marketers insights they have never had access to before, while consumers are inundated with more advertising and are also evolving to recognize them. The millennial generation in particular is wary of being advertised to, which results in strategies like sponsored posts rather than overt product placement.

Author and Internet personality John Green discusses the need for authentic online communities in his talk about online video. The YouTuber speaks out against the accepted line of seeking views and ad revenue and instead advocates for creating community and honoring viewers.

Rory Sutherland gives numerous talks on advertising and branding strategy, including one on if politicians borrowed from marketers.

While marketing and advertising are two distinct fields, it's clear that issues concerning data and privacy is one that transcends, according to innovative keynotes by people like Christian Rudder and David Stillwell.