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From Hacking Matchmaking Sites to Marriage and Erotic Desire

 - Jan 25, 2015
These talks for Valentine's Day offer wisdom for anyone -- regardless of their current relationship status. These speeches about love look at romance from a variety of angles, including online dating sites, sales strategies and social studies.

OkCupid Founder Christian Rudder discusses understanding online dating in his relationship talk. He shares what data can teach us about how humans connect to each other in real life and in the digital realm. Jack Vincent's sales speech describes how parallels can be drawn between business and love, specifically in terms of sales and romance, because they both require trust. Dan Ariely takes another approach, focusing on pain and social adaptation and behavioral studies on interpreting signals.

If you are unhappily single and are curious about matchmaking sites or in a relationship and want to communicate better with your significant other, you will appreciate these talks for Valentine's Day.