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From Better Utilizing Employees to Systemic Firing Approaches

 - Jan 27, 2015
These talks about the workforce all focus on the world of work. Many of the speeches look at making the office a better place, whether that is incorporating a certain corporate culture or empowering women to lead. The presentations also look more broadly at career and economic patterns.

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg gave a number of talks about the workforce, particularly in regards to gender equality and success. When former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks on women at work, it's in the realm of economic potential. Sir Ken Robinson's innovative speech discusses fulfillment in the workplace and explains how finding your natural talents is key to enjoying your career. The Dan Pink keynote is on the problem with rewards and workplace incentives.

Whether you are curious about establishing a prosperous company culture or want to look at larger social issues or even find a career you're passionate about, these talks about the workforce are worth hearing.