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From Global Learning Innovations to Social Media in China

 - Dec 30, 2015
These talks about the digital divide refer to the gap that exists between parts of the world when it comes to modern information and communication technology. Not having access to things like mobile devices, television, personal computers and the internet perpetuates social and economic inequality.

In his social media risks keynote, Gerd Leonhard discusses downsides for the unplugged and more specifically brands that are not on social media. He notes that a child in an impoverished country with a smartphone has access to more information than the President of the free world did just 15 years ago.

As the gap closes, it is also important to consider the way media presents certain groups of people. Actor Maulik Pancholy chats about disbanding cultural stereotypes in his innovative speech.

Bill Roedy's HIV talk focuses on how media has the ability to save lives. Given MTV's influence in the fight against AIDS, it is clear that these talks about the digital divide emphasize the importance of information and why it is vital that everyone has equal access to it.