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From Dream-Devastating Myths to Lessons From Perseverance

 - Apr 7, 2015
These inspirational talks about success explain how you can follow your dreams and be better at whatever it is you choose to do.

In his innovation speech, Trend Hunter CEO Jeremy Gutsche explains how your company can go about innovating better and faster by sharing six patterns he describes in depth in his New York Times bestseller book. In her action-oriented speech on doing and dreaming, screenwriter, producer and director Shonda Rhimes discusses doing instead of dreaming. The Dartmouth commencement address encourages the new graduates to stay open to all opportunities. Olympic gold medalist David Hemery gives a presentation on potential that offers academic approaches to coaching. Specifically, he believes in balancing high degrees of awareness with high degrees of responsibility.

Whether you have goals of being a successful TV showrunner, entrepreneur or athlete, there are valuable lessons to be learned in these talks about success.