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From the Top Mistakes of Entrepreneurs to Scaling Sustainable Sales

 - Apr 10, 2015
These talks about startups mostly offer practical advice for entrepreneurs and innovators who have started a new venture or are looking to implement a game-changing idea.

Virgin founder Richard Branson offers tips for budding entrepreneurs in an innovative keynote, specifically making note of how to be a strong leader. For example, running a company successfully means remembering companies are made up of people and need to be treated as such. Silicon Valley marketing exec Guy Kawasaki discusses the most common errors business people make. The former chief evangelist of Apple also places emphasis the importance of sales. In her smart failure keynote, Rita McGrath talks about benefiting from failure and how to make room for mistakes at a new venture.

If you are involved in a new business in any way, from investing to leading or implementing innovations, these talks about startups offer vital information.