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From Making Hostile Environments Habitable to a Potential Society on Mars

 - Jan 29, 2016
These talks about space discuss our planet Earth, further planetary exploration and the future of space travel.

In his terraform keynote, Dr. Michio Kaku discusses a potential society on Mars. Although he believes we would be centuries away from achieving this, he explains the most efficient and cost-effective ways to establishing human societies on the red planet. Stellar astronomer Lucianne Walkowicz takes a somewhat opposing perspective in her speech on Mars. While she does not negate the possibility of living there one day, she instead advocates for making hostile environments on Earth more habitable instead. She believes this is a more sustainable approach than willingly depleting our planet's resources.

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield shares his lessons from space in his fear-conquering speech. He takes his extraordinary experience of being in space and the challenges he faced there and applies them to Earth-bound situations of overcoming obstacles.