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From Changing the Way We Donate to Sustainable Solutions to Disease

 - May 1, 2016
These talks about poverty discuss strategies to help poor people all over the world. From solutions in emerging markets to problems in the criminal justice system at home, these speeches address ways to help those in need.

Bill Gates discusses confronting global inequities with accelerating technologies. The founder of Microsoft and philanthropist believes technology can be leveraged to help end poverty, especially when it comes to access to healthcare in developing countries. In his poverty keynote, U2 frontman Bono shares his views on winning the war on poverty. He is optimistic and shares successes in dealing with illnesses like Malaria and AIDS.

Alice Goffman talks about poverty closer to home and what it takes in ending mass incarceration in America. Her criminal justice speech advocates for a revamped system in the United States where poor people are not at disproportionately primed for jail time.