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From Choosing Unconventional Candidates to Learning From Failure

 - Apr 1, 2016
These talks about perfection speak to the value of moving past actual defeat and fear of failure. Many people are afraid of not succeeding or worry about tangible outcomes, often to their own detriment. These speeches offer a refreshing take on living live and thriving in the workplace.

Author JK Rowling discusses the benefits of failure and the importance of imagination. Despite what the world might say, failure is something we can define for ourselves. She believes living so cautiously that one doesn't fail at all is the only way to truly fail in life.

Regina Hartley's speech on hiring talks about underdogs in the workplace and why employers should go for the "scrappers." People who have tackled adversity and haven't been born into advantage might not have perfect resumes, but they often have valuable traits like ambition and determination.

Former professional athlete Charly Haversat talks about perfection and the pursuit of good enough. The speaker explains how perfectionism affects public policy and encourages innovation over fear.