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From Design as Identity to Creative Characteristics for Success

 - May 1, 2016
These talks about originality explain how creativity and uniqueness can be beneficial in a number of fields. This is often seen as a key trait of entrepreneurs and world-changers.

In the original iPhone keynote by Steve Jobs, the Apple founder discusses the collaborative state of the art technology. Frequently described as an original thinker, Jobs is commemorated in this innovation keynote.

Adam Grant's talk about creativity shares the behaviors of original thinkers. The organizational psychologist explains habits like procrastination should not discourage investors. These non-conformists also channel fear differently than other people.

On a more personal note, Morgana Bailey explains how embracing who you are is an important part of sexuality in her uniqueness keynote. The motivational speech aims for camaraderie and encourages audience members not to feel alone in their journey.