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From Female Micro-Franchising Strategies to Online Media Presence

 - May 1, 2016
With Mother's Day in North America being just around the corner, these talks about motherhood allow for reflection on the role of a mother. From helping the disadvantaged to finding work life balance, these speeches will give deeper appreciation for mothers around the world.

In her women's rights keynote, former First Lady of the United States Laura Bush discusses equal opportunity as development. She emphasizes the importance of empowering girls and young women to achieve their potential academically and expands on the importance of education in eradicating the cycle of poverty.

Activist and singer Annie Lenox discusses investing in women in her female empowerment speech. She believes a woman's role as a mother is what gives her so much value in society.

Gabrielle Burton's gender fluidity talk is on dichotomous gender divides. The author explores gender differences in society and how to parent young children when it comes to stereotypes.