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From Revolutionary Workplace Ideals to Becoming a Career Champion

 - Jan 24, 2015
This collection of talks about mentoring discuss how positive connecting with others can be. Whether it's in a professional setting or looking at the larger picture to our communities and the impact of future generations, it is clear that mentorships can help people be successful in a number of areas.

Entrepreneur Brit Fitzpatrick discusses mentorship's effect on community in her one of the talks about mentoring. Her startup MentorMe helps find good matches between mentors and mentees. In a slightly similar vein, the startup culture talk by Dean DeBiase explains why bringing the right people together to make a new venture successful. In more traditional workplaces, trusting your colleagues can result in exponential opportunities to learn, as outlined in the Joe Robles speech.

Regardless of whether or not a mentorship program is directly related to education, it's clear that they result in heightened learning.