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From Virtual Reality and the News to the Need for Traditional Media

 - Feb 29, 2016
These talks about journalism discuss the future of the industry and how media in a variety of forms shape important stories. Journalists in particular have felt the disruption of the digital age, going from print to radio to television to digital all in the span of less than a century.

Advancements in technology could allow for a more immersive form of journalism. Nonny de la Peña talks about journalism and the introduction of virtual reality and the news. This empathy-increasing approach to storytelling brings a new level of interaction with audiences while still maintaining journalistic integrity.

Broadcast news anchor Katie Couric discusses reimagining media and taking hold of opportunities when everything else is in flux. This speaks to the changing state of journalism and how to maintain old journalistic ideals while embracing new medias.

CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour expands on the benefits and responsibilities of the profession, describing journalists as "guard dogs of the public sector."

Although the future is uncertain, holding on to core values is key while also pivoting to stay current with new technologies.