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From Revamping Consumer Electronics to Solving Societal Problems

 - Feb 29, 2016
These talks about innovation discuss the process of forming creative new business ideas, and often explore new advancements in technology as a result. In today's digital age the two are often inter-linked as they both support each other.

In his innovative keynote on innovation and creativity explores the concepts outlined in his New York Times bestseller 'Better and Faster.' The Trend Hunter CEO helps people across a variety of industries be better at being creative utilizing evolutionary principles.

Alec Ross talks about innovation and skills children need in a speech about industries. The political advisor shares areas of opportunity (big data analytics, cyber security and genomics) when it comes to high-paying employment in the future.

Matt Damon discusses solving issues as a whole in his speech. The Academy Award-winning actor explores the idea of addressing world issues like the clean water crisis and effective ways of problem solving.

Whether it is a social enterprise or job security, creative problem-solving is key moving forwards.