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From Business Strategies in Philanthropy to Youth-Oriented Environmentalism

 - Apr 3, 2015
These talks about charity all discuss the importance of giving back, whether it's to your local community or fighting for an international cause. Whether it's philanthropic strategy, a specific non-profit organization or encouraging empowered youth to change the world, these speeches cover a number of topics.

In the empowering keynote by Melinda Gates, she talks about moving women's rights forward and shares some of her personal experiences working with women in Africa. She cites studies that prove when you invest in women and girls, they have a profoundly positive impact on their communities, which ripples into our world as a whole. Actor Edward Norton introduces his online fundraising platform Crowdrise, which combines social media with charitable fundraising. Scott Harrison's clean water speech is on the philanthropic work his organization does to end the water crisis.

Given the importance of corporate social responsibility in business today, these talks about charity are well worth a look.