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From Maximizing One's Efficiency to Connecting Depression to Lifestyle

 - Jul 7, 2015
Exhaustion, memory loss and mental health issues are just some of the things mentioned in these talks about burnout. The prevalence of smartphones, easy access to information and a focus on productivity in the workplace can create a culture of chronic stress. This can not only result in negative emotions, but in serious physical health problems.

In her human interaction talk, Lauren Galley explains how technology means people are connecting face to face less and less, which increases feelings of depression and anxiety. She also discusses much larger implications of how technology could influence communication and society in a harmful manner.

Matthew Johnston talks about clarity in his keynote. He believes regular meditation can help build resiliency and prevent burnout and other emotional health problems.

In another of the talks about burnout, Carl Honore emphasizes a slower lifestyle over the speed many prioritize in life. This obsession with doing things quickly will not only hurt your health, but personal relationships, community at-large and the environment.