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From the Power of Honest Storytelling to the Dark Rhetoric of Advertising

 - Mar 6, 2015
These talks about branding discuss a variety of ways company image can be used in marketing. From leveraging a brand in the digital space to traditional advertising mediums like print, branding can make all the difference when it comes to conversions and engaging with consumers.

Guy Kawasaki discusses trusting social media in his Facebook talk. The speech explains how problems with the EdgeRank algorithm could result in a loss in customers. In his social business innovation keynote, Warby Parker Co-CEO Neil Blumenthal shares how authentic narratives can be used as a marketing tool. When it comes to managing personal brands, Howard Bragman advocates living a clean, respectable life.

Whether you are controlling your own online persona, work in business expansion or are a marketing professional, these talks about branding hold a number of important lessons.