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From Sustainable Fashion to Nanoscale Sustainability

 - Jun 18, 2013
These sustainable business keynotes discuss different strategies for creating a better world for both today and for tomorrow. As climate change continues to become a more pressing issue, it is slowly moving to the forefront of many high level executives' minds. What used to be easily ignored, is becoming an obstacle from which few can hide.

Well-known individuals like Richard Branson, Gord Nixon, Bill Clinton and Paul Polman share their perspectives and opinions on the future of sustainable business. An overarching theme among these speakers is the need to regain control over the use of the world's resources. As leaders on the international business scene, they now have a responsibility to implement greener and sustainable practices.

Other sustainable innovation keynote speeches here showcase the incredible work of lesser known individuals and their contributions to making the world a better and greener place. Suzanne Lee's speech explains how she is able to make clothing by brewing tea and letting bacteria grow in a bathtub.

These sustainable business keynotes offer a medley of perspectives on the topic, with speakers at all levels.