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From Innovating with Paper to Growing Homes

 - Sep 20, 2013
Sustainable architecture designs are steadily becoming the norm today as people in design are finally understanding the urgency of preserving the world's space and resources as much as possible.

The extent to which architects are innovating is highly impressive. Michael Green's speech envisions a future in which wood replaces steel in large buildings and skyscrapers in cities. His design team has already built a variety of free-standing wooden buildings. He notes that many might object to using wood as a serious fire hazard, but he insists that the risks are no different than they are with steel.

Shigeru Ban innovates with paper. He has created massive, free-standing buildings and spaces (such as shelters) using exclusively paper. His durable structures are made with 100 percent recycled materials.

Perhaps the most innovative and "green" advancement is one that comes from Mitchell Joachim. He discovered a way to graft trees together to be used as a form of organic architecture, which proves to be stronger than traditional building materials.

The direction in which the future of sustainable architecture designs are heading is truly inspiring and we can only hope that more concepts turn into reality.