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From the Benefits of Eating Insects to the

 - May 16, 2012
As is explained in this collection of videos, the world's populations must begin implementing sustainable approaches to food consumption if they want to ensure adequate resources and nourishment for the future. Top food experts, environmentalists and agricultural specialists all weigh in on different revolutionary methods and practices capable of transforming the way the world produces and consumes food.

Britta Riley explains how humans can soon rely on themselves as a source of nourishment; her project enables humans to grow their own food, which not only provides people with improved nutritional value, but also reduces carbon footprints everywhere.

Graham Hill and Wayne Pacelle propose cutting down on meat intake by designating specific days of the week for meat consumption. The suggestion of becoming a 'weekday vegetarian' or implementing a 'meatless Monday' in one's home can have a tremendous impact on the planet and the world's food supplies.

Eleven-year-old Birke Baehr advises people to simply be more conscious and aware of not only the types of food people are consuming, but also the amounts.

These videos, which cover everything from how one's diet affects climate change to how a diet of insects can improve one's health, offer revolutionary ideas and strategies to tackle the world's current food crisis in a sustainable manner.