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From Comparing Ideas to the Value of Intuition

 - Nov 27, 2013
These strategic planning presentations offer advice for effective planning in a both a professional and personal setting. Some of the speakers featured here advocate for structured planning, while some believe that today's conditions in the market cannot accommodate planning.

Award-winning author and speaker Simon Sinek believes that individuals can best prepare for future ventures by sitting down with an "outsider" to source different perspectives and opinions. People can ignite innovation and inspiration in their own plans through gaining an understanding of what else is out there.

CEO of Apple Tim Cook is of a different opinion, arguing in his speech that planning is not the key to success. He attributes following his intuition as the reason to the accomplishments in his career thus far.

Nicolaj Siggelkow believes that one can actually use a scientific method when business planning. He suggests that the way to utilize the scientific method of strategy is to come up with a creative idea, which leads to a new hypothesis, which leads to designing tests around that particular hypothesis.

These strategic planning presentations provide interesting insights from various perspectives, each shedding light in its own way.