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From Scrawls to Facebook Walls to the Art of Storytelling

 - Jun 2, 2014
These storytelling presentations cover a wide range of topics including marketing, personal branding, education, leadership and the Internet. Each speaker offers his or her own perspective of storytelling and how it influences different businesses today.

The inspiring speech by Jennifer Aaker explains how storytelling and social media can come together to create a huge impact. Her talk shares the story of two young men who took to social media to beat their 1 in 20,000 chances of finding a bone marrow match. They were successful in finding matches, despite passing away after tragic relapses. Aaker shares their story, however, to showcase the possibilities of bringing people together through personal meaning and storytelling on social networks.

Doug Stevenson believes that effective storytelling relies on both the speaker and the listener. Regardless of whether or not it is a professional or personal story, both parties must be fully invested.

Renowned photographer and storyteller Giles Duley expresses his passion for his career in photography as it enabled him to teach others things about the world that they would otherwise never know.

These storytelling presentations offer insight into a number of different industries and professions and demonstrate just how powerful a good story really can be.