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From Life-Saving Rodents to Farmer Microinsurance

 - May 14, 2013
The state of Africa is examined through a variety of lenses in this collection of speeches. From empowering its citizens, to tackling epidemics, to protecting women's rights and establishing self-sustaining economies, the topics discussed here offer inspiring narratives that envision a brighter future for the continent.

These speeches go far beyond providing economic or medical solutions to the problems faced by the world's second largest continent; they share real stories of struggle, adversity, perseverance and hope.

One of the most inspiring speeches come Rose Goslinga, the founder of Kilimo Salama, who discusses a new agriculture insurance model that enables farmers in Africa to expand their businesses without having to worry about the risks involved. The microinsurance policies in place mean that farmers don't have to depend on good weather to be able to support themselves and their businesses.

Megan Mukaria, founder of ZanaAfrica, discusses the relation between health and education for young girls in Africa. She is working to give girls more confidence, empowerment and knowledge when it comes to their health. She notes a direct correlation between the education one receives and the state of their health.

Hearing from individuals like Annie Lennox, Melinda Gates and Mia Farrow, these speeches provide hope and prosperity for the future of Africa.