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From Insight From Fear to Kickstarting an Idea

 - Mar 15, 2013
This collection of carefully curated speeches offers a variety of startup tips from iconic entrepreneurs and those who are just getting started. The speakers come from various industries including advertising, technology and non-profit.

One of the more memorable speeches here comes from Guy Kawasaki, who used to work with legendary Steve Jobs. Kawasaki's entrepreneurial innovation keynote describes finding and creating meaning as the core to entrepreneurship as well as the only foreseeable way to turn a profit. Guy argues that the only way to make meaning within a company is by increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong and by preventing the end of something good in the world today.

Evernote CEO Phil Libin shares similar opinions; he believes that the sole reason to start a company is if you want to change the world and have an idea that will make the world a better place.

Also featured here are speeches on how to pitch to venture capitalists and the best ways for kickstarting an idea.