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From the Basics of Starting a Business to Creating a Product

 - May 2, 2014
Targeted towards the budding entrepreneur or new business owner, this collection of start-up presentations offers tips for every step of the journey. From knowing how to hire the right people to crowdsourcing and how to structure a business model, these speakers break down the As, Bs and Cs of start-ups.

When it comes to the basics of starting a new venture, Google's Larry Page believes that at the heart of every good business, is a team of people who work extremely well together, who share the same goals and who have chemistry with one another. He also believes that settling is never an option. Having high and even aggressive goals is the only way to be successful.

According to icon Guy Kawasaki, the only way to make meaning within a company is by increasing the quality of life, righting a wrong and by preventing the end of something good in the world today. Without at least one of these acting as the driving force behind a new venture, it will be more challenging to achieve excellence.

Once a business is established, becoming publicly known is the next greatest challenge. According to Rahul Barwani, massive efforts need to be put into its public relations. Tailoring pitches and communications with other brands is key to establishing an identity.

These start-up presentations offer in-depth content for aspiring big or small business owners.