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From Academic Approaches to Coaching to Parkour and Problem-Solving

 - Jan 17, 2015
These sports speeches are all given by athletes, former athletes and experts in the field. This includes everyone from Olympic champions to a politician and cycling enthusiast to sports psychologists. The sports speeches cover a range of topics, but often focus on subjects like potential and performance. They also cover a number of different sports, from football to parkour.

Three-time Olympic gold medalist Marnie McBean talks about becoming a career champion in her keynote. She shares her framework for achieving goals in a big way. Mayor of Madison, Wisconsin Dave Cieslewicz discusses vehicles for social change in his bicycle talk. He believes bikes are an equalizer around the world. Taking things in a different direction, Director of Sport Psychology Kimberley Amirault-Ryan theorizes on dealing with stress in her speech on job-centered speech.