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From the Customer Revolution to Consumer Control

 - Feb 7, 2013
The consumer landscape has dramatically shifted as a result of weakened economies all over the world and new product preferences as is demonstrated in these speeches on the modern consumer. Many of these speeches hone in on the significant impact social media has had on the consumer in terms of control, empowerment and knowledge. Nothing can stop today's consumer from researching a brand, looking up product reviews by other clients or comparing prices. This consumer control is the theme of many keynotes by people like John Gerzema and Marc Benioff.

Another common theme throughout these speeches is the idea of connecting with consumers through emotions or experiences. Innovation keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche introduces the concept of cultural connections and suggests that instead of speaking to customers, companies need to speak with customers.

These speeches offer tips for business leaders and reminders to consumers around the world about the power of social media.