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From the Physical World Wide Web to Social Media in China

 - Mar 7, 2013
The online world has evolved into a particularly fascinating one and these curated speeches on the Internet highlight some of the ways it has evolved and the way it has transformed the lives of billions of individuals all around the world. From propelling political revolutions, to social media, to online threat and freedom of speech debates, the Internet has spilled over into many unexpected areas of life.

Kevin Kelly describes the Internet as "one giant machine and one of the greatest to ever exist on the planet. In over 5,000 days, the machine has never failed or broken down, functioning with no interruptions." He sees the Internet as the thing on which humans will become dependent.

Michael Anti's Internet keynote is a fascinating exploration of the use of Internet in China. He dismisses the notion that Internet is banned in China and argues that the blogging behavior there is actually empowering and connecting its citizens.