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From the New Science of Memory to the Impulsive Nature of Youth

 - Apr 23, 2013
These speeches on the brain and mind tackle the long list of topics affiliated with any narrative on the brain. From the process of decision-making to how memories are formed, these speeches offer substantial content.

The speech by science journalist Joshua Foer is of particular interest as he explores the methods and processes used by contestants in memory competitions such as the United States Memory Championship. He reveals that these individuals are using the same methods used nearly 2,500 years ago. The process involves involves taking information that is lacking context or significance and transforming it in some way so that it become meaningful in the light of of all the other things stored in one's mind.

Many of the speeches here also discuss the effects of gaming on the brain, suggesting the video games can provide focus and multi-tasking training, which will serve as beneficial in the future.

These speeches on the brain and mind offer an ideal balance between scientific jargon and interesting anecdotes.